SBI Team

SBI Software has the largest tech and support team dedicated to growers. We offer live expert support 24/7/365. SBI Software is the only fully-integrated software package, configurable to support your wholesale or retail growing operation, from seed to sale.

Aaron Allison, Founding Partner

Aaron Allison, Founding Partner

From his early years as a mechanical engineering student, to working as a tech broker for HP to the Baltic States, to his time spent running a growing operation of his own in New Jersey, Aaron Allison understands the importance of process. His experience gives him unique insight into how technology can drive efficiency and increased profits in horticulture.

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Tim Morita, Founding Partner

Tim Morita, Founding Partner

Tim Morita has been a programmer and professional problem solver for over 20 years. His work with growers such as Sawyer, Color Point, and Kawahara has revolutionized their process and profits. Now he runs the day-to-day operation of the largest team of programmers dedicated to the growing industry.

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Development Team: Triumph, Production, Sprint

Toby Donovan
David Hudson
Mike Grady
Douglas Fala
Gillan Bradley


Development Team: Web/Mobile Apps

Darryl Davidson
Chris Golden
Erik Aanestad



Brian Ragsdale
Steve Miller


Software Support & Implementation Specialists

Lucie Hogan
Duncan Holmes
Katie Slack
James Montgomery
Tracy Somervell


Platform Team: Retail & Merchandiser Tools

Billy Allison
Jack Younger
Chad Wabeke


Reports/SQL Team

Laurens Roa Marval


Sales and Marketing

Andy Portello
Mark Ghali
Eric Korstange


Ground Operations

Max, Chief Motivation Terrier (CMT)
Bailey, Golden Leads Retriever (GLR)